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Deathkvlt - Grand Ancient Arts


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Let my fires burn To the dead serenades Of howling wolves In starless night Let my banners fly In a storm of thousand spears Bringing doom upon The frozen plains of God And perishing the landscapes by blood Onward to the burning shores See my shadow rise In cold and misty twilight Over the burning shores Which lay in war See my visions grow In the hearts of God's lost children Condemned to live a life of suffering Feel the taste of rotten love All hope is lost, cold, dead, buried I am the void of your miserable world And I am onward to the burning shores To the burning shores
Sick sleep, bed of thorns Demonic shell breeds suffering into hate Lying in wait within fires below Sending darkness as a plague To reap the faithridden above Devoured by the drone of darkness Divinity consumed in impure matter As it ascends from the flames Their prayers suffocate in torture No salvation unto those That walk the spheres of the damned Oh grandur of flesh and bone Coming ritual of vengeance Evoken deathkult Of grand ancient arts When all flesh fails Rivers be the veins of darkness Landscapes swallowed by leprosy Incantation of the purest black Wretched souls pounding at hell's gate The cult holds the key Evoken deathkult Of grand ancient arts
Possessed by dismal nightmare A demon curses the flesh Unholy psalms spoken In screaming torture Body mutilated in rites of infestation In tongues of dead languages Baal reveals his name Worshipped god in Sodom Leading the weak soul into his abyss Burning excruciated flesh A soul that will never find rest Lays in the fever of demonic might Soaked in the blood That runs from your veins A chaos is growing inside Horrible pain Causing the collapse of mind Deadly claws cut through your skin Grimace blessed with fear Ruled by the god of the netherworld Banished souls are calling his name In psalms of invocation Hail lord Baal - Curse the flesh Of the weak
What is the void? ...But the shape of zero Astral unity cycle of being Eternally we wander it's mystery But underneath fathomless depths Lies the secret's deepest secret A truth eternally veiled The father of here and beyond From black into void I descent Fading beyond celestial gates Where unspeakable words Gleam in the eyes of Yog-Sothoth Hear me Nebula god! Remove my eyes, strike me insane! Guide me through death and darkness! That I may vision the wisdom of the old! What is the void? ...But two mirrors paralleled? What cannot be seen or named Is the portal of all powers creation We must not halt in life Nor faint in the presence of death We shall walk the path of revelation And bathe in the wells of chaos
Invoking the Gods With lunatic verses of pathetic murmurs ...But why do they sleep in eternity And cannot hear your voices? Belief is a blain Surrounded by the greed of mankind Unable to know that Everything is worthless No divinity - consumed By darkness we are Pandemonium Rising Our world is hell and our home No dignity - a race of rats Mankind is spreading like a plague No ancient gods send words of mercy Purifying flames Shall clean the earth And the dark lord Will rise from his throne Amongst conjuring madness And you are the slaves at his feet Burning temples fall into ruin Holy symbols smashed in filth Choirs of damnation Singing the serenade of weeping angels Pandemonium Rising - at the final dawn We all shall burn
Kneel down at the black cross To hollow my grave Dark blasphemic masses Call me from beyond Ceremony for the one who executes I shall rise from my grave To deliver the blade You demanded by your hate To kill those you once loved Cut their throats In the cold dead of night In the cold dead of the night Burning ritual candles Enlighten diabolic eyes Soaked the hands in the blood Of those who brought you to me Speak my name with fear Tell my tale with awful shiver Worship me - I lie in wait Beneath my cross Evoked dmon walking as a shadow Seeking for sacrifices To take their lives With unmerciful hand
At the grave of the world We stand as one To embrace the final end Of its tragedy Entangled in a spiral of blasphemy We worship the rising Of a crimson moon The gods lay in dark twilight Astonished by their failure Rituals of a burning moon To absorb the stars and the light Whispering voices of doom and desolation Proclaim the loss of mankind Howling winds of mourning Came with the first stike of Human degradation Like wolves we are raging Through the night Smelling tears of blood That run from your eyes Captured by fear Everything falls into ruin Prophecies of the crimson moon Blessing your dreams of demise Rituals of a burning moon Into starless chaos we rise Whispering voices of doom and destruction Entwine the death of mankind
In the corners where no light reaches in We stood as one In honour to the ancient gods Condemning the laws of christ Deviant to all who Have led this world into ruin False belief - False religion - False gods As the keepers of the left hand path You shall die by our swords This world shall fall Through the impulse of a host Possessed by might and obsession By a fatal idiot of God Of reverence and ruin This world shall fall Of reverence and ruin This world shall fall It is the light which makes you blind With every step closer to death Led into ruin by their own holy love This world is drowning in blood As silent watchers we lead you into the abyss Rising from the flaming seas Laughing as the last grain Runs through your fingers You shall asphyxiate in your own filth Of reverence and ruin This world shall fall Of reverence and ruin This world shall fall Ancient cults reborn To hail the glorious dead Who died in the darkest epoch of mankind Bring vengeance to let them rot in the ashes Of their fallen kingdoms
Consumed by ashes They lay buried The lost souls of the burning centuries Tragedy and war proclaims The triumph of ghouls Sent as a plague From the abyssic ground The crimson eye of the dark majesty Watching silently above frozen plains Of a desolated world With a scornful smile To observe the feeble screams Of God's loved children Trailing away in the cold depths of night Or preachers of a dead lost kingdom Ambassadors of a withering cross Who shall ever hear Now your last lies In the mighty tunes Of a bloody roaring war? As never-ending shadows Cover the earth with darkness Cultures and religions will fall Monuments lay in ruins The bloodstained path You have walked together Through history And cruel decades of terror Will end here now


Hauberson (Vocalist in REVEL IN FLESH) about this album:

Seventh long player by Saxonian Death Metal warmachine PURGATORY, one of the oldest still existing, no compromise Metal of Death acts from Germany.
All of you who are familar with their previous releases, especially the highly acclaimed “Luciferianism” album from 2004, know that this four piece stick to their guns and never change their formula when it comes to their style.
It’s unnecessary to slam this band with comparisons, expect nothing more than their interpretation of an European and US styled Death Metal cocktail based on ripping speed, heaviness and aggression instead of ending up in a technical overkill.
Personally I think that the production of “Deathkvlt” (Rape Of Harmonies Studios) is a lot more intense and punching compared to their 2011 album “Necromantaeon”.
It truely delivers the sound spirit of some classical VADER or VITAL REMAINS recordings. Musically to me PURGATORY really grow stronger when they get into the more heavy sounding mood by adding slower elements, that sound nothing more than mighty as hell. Furthermore I think that the vocals of frontbeast “Dreier” (ex - SEIRIM) improved a lot on this recording. Especially the deep growls know how to impress. Artworkwise “Deathkvult” stands in the tradition of the forerunner releases and it fits the dark approach of the music in an occult manner.
The vinyl layout slightly differs from the CD vervion, but most of all the vinyl and the limited CD digipak version come along with a well executed cover of DEMIGOD’s mighty 'As I Behold I Despise'. PURGATORY even recruit DEMIGOD’s vocalist Esa Linden for a guest contribution. Good choice!!!
Take it or leave it – PURGARORY deserve your respect for being a totally true and dedicated underground Death Metal act in all aspects! Never change a running system!!! Support the “Deathkvlt!!!!


released April 5, 2013

Lutz - Drums
René - Guitars
Dreier - Vocals
Peter - Bass

Recorded at Rixorcist Studios, Roßwein.
Recording, mixing and mastering done by Patrick W. Engel and Purgatory during December and January 2012 / 2013.


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