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Tradition, soul, coldness, stubbornness: this expresses the characteristics and trademarks of DARKENED NOCTURN SLAUGHTERCULT, a band that has grown and matured in the course of its 22-year existence into a distinctive institution of German Black Metal.
DNS deliver a primarily classic, raw sound in the tradition of the Scandinavian (especially Norwegian) bands of the early and mid nineties like Immortal, Darkthrone and Gorgoroth. In short: No search for the latest trend and the greatest genre extension here,
but "almost forgotten traditions are kept firmly", as the band itself clarifies.

Six years after "Necrovision", DNS are now ready to unleash their sixth full-length "Mardom".


released April 12, 2019

Recorded 2018 by Soundsight Studio Hennef / Armin Rave
Coverartworks: ThornyThoughts Artworks
Fotos: Dan Zerker und Alexandra Kürten
Layouts by : Slaughterarts


all rights reserved




a division of Party.San GmbH
Schwanseestraße 20
99423 Weimar
Phone: +49 3643 4953012

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Track Name: Mardom - Echo Zmory
Idę w stronę ruiny - Mardom...

Gdzie wspomnień zatarty obraz
Dostać się próbuje w pozostałości życia
Istniejącego w sercu martwego dziś miejsca
Które schronieniem być miało
A potwornością okryte
Koszmarnym snem na jawie się stało

Iluzją dziś jest, żyjącą jedynie w pamięci
Która martwotą okryta, błaga o przywołanie
Widma dusz wędrujących, snów upiornych
Nawiedzających najbliższe mi miejsce

Błądząc pośrod cieni, w bezruchu staję
W obliczu nieznanego, łaknąc obecności
Istoty śmierć mi zwiastującej
Odkrywającej niepokój osłabionego ciała

Miejsce, które schronieniem być miało
Roznieciło ogień sił nieczystych
A dłonie spętane więzami strachu
Niemoc i drętwota, bolesna bezsilność

Powracając w zgliszcza martwych murów
Niepokój wciąż żywy znajduję w swym sercu
Nieruchome echo zmory, głos duszę palący
Nawiedzać mnie będzie po kres mych dni
Track Name: A Sweven Most Devout
Morrows ague with brimstone drought,
in reckless haste, made the welkin ring.

Esperance imbues a sweven most devout,
and laid waste, what once heralded a noble king.
An orison is to peregrinate,
in sables illustrious, to kindle the glim in fey.

The absence of fear gloriously graced
Through pain received grandeur, a cognition,
renders the unclean pristine and unscathed.
No force harms the ravenous volition.

A malison is to infuriate
the agone - precarious,
to linger is to brim over with decay.
Glower not at pneumas gloaming,
it is but a pallid shade.
Empower deaths sullen blooming,
morrowless yet irradiantly is our fate.

Those who were never torn
bear no germ of virtue intrinsically
and have no place in this world forlorn.
Their spirit will repose perpetually.

It is not human, it is so much more.
Track Name: T.O.W.D.A.T.H.A.B.T.E.
Excelled in condemnation -
iron chains of immeasurable weight cast upon bones.
Commanded damnation -
cover their jaws with rough stones!
Vengeance for leading astray in devilish mirth
those who dwell upon the Earth.
Loathing repentance -
refusal of spiritual rebirth
of those who dwell beneath the Earth.

It is the one whose glory extends
above circles of high,
whose might roots in the abysmal below,
it is this exalted genius they decry,
with utter ignorance and asinine woe.
Vengeance for leading astray in devilish mirth
those who dwell upon the Earth.
Loathing repentance -
refusal of spiritual rebirth
of those who dwell beneath the Earth.

Ensorcelled in eternal salvation -
enthean obedience bluntly begotten intones,
ruthless agitation -
atonement for life death enthrones.
It is the one whose majestic ascent
none can defy,
It is his stellar culmination they scry,
whose radiant scepter of lucid burnish is aglow,
with a deep-drawn sigh and malign sorrow.
Track Name: A Beseechment Twofold
Thus I ask thee why am I here,
within existence there's nothing I adhere.
Therefore I ask thee why I was born,
within this world there's nothing I adorn.
within life all I seek - is deaths odorous reek.

Though thine is the mystery of time,
the keys to undrape the fiery veil are mine.

Let my spirit drown in the arms of blackest umbrage,
in rhythmic sonority fade away, receding memory.
The place thither an arduous path
beacons into perpetual night,
with distant chimes in pulsating eviternity.

Thus I beseech thee to blind me with limitless light,
amidst this world there's nothing I behold.
Therefore I beseech thee
to combust this shell in utter blight,
within life there is nothing to uphold.
Within death all I seek - is life’s pestilential reek.

Though thine are the mysteries twofold,
mine are the hands to willingly smite and mold.

Let my spirit rise from the depths to enrage,
To smite and mold, to ignite
and fire life’s perpetual forge.
Upwards from where an arduous path
beaconed towards the golden age,
in most sonorous times
the oblivion of being disgorge
Track Name: Exaudi Domine
In appearance ghastly bleak,
in sulphur tongues they speak,
exaudi domine - o bornless one.

Within their wounds let comfort hide,
separated from them, death testified,
praise be unto thee above the skies in starlit attire,
and within the depths of your rumbling empire
libera me - o fleshless one.
In aeterno igni.

World without end to no avail,
it is thy saints who assail,
inebria me - o guarding one.

Ne'er let my eyes drown hope filled,
Clear minded my scorn retain thrilled
and let my soul the blackness illuminate
Requiem aeternam done eis.

In hora mortis meae voca me,
Et iube me venire ad te,
In saecula saeculorum,
interficiet me!
Track Name: The Boundless Beast
Uproar within the cold so fierce,
abhor yonder sphere and pierce,
silently to not adhere the formless void.

No god and no king tames,
the boundless beast with many names.

Forlorn within oblivions solitary hymn,
adorn with deathless stars and bedim,
the soothing scars of time.

No lord and no man tames,
the boundless beast with many names.

Bespeak within the glory the highest,
seek the voids abysmal drape unbiased,
to surpass and escape soulless blight.

The timeless beast with many names,
ignites the stars and engulfs the world in flames.
Track Name: Imperishable Soulless Gown
Abrade and flay The Word Incarnate,
Sanctify the means the portal is ajar,
detest sanctimony and congregate,
to ambulate amidst the binary star.

The yonder beckons within reach,
traverse the bourne extricated soullessly,
for dissipiation in the flesh beseech,
converse the secondary matter irrevocably.

From the Kingdom
the Moon and Sun eclipse,
transgression of the veiled bride,
From the Crown the most hidden
to knowledge drips,
concealed, revealed, whatever betide.

Beyond Words and sight, as one unified,
the hidden jewel of the crown,
without visions and thoughts
the self mortified,
to extend
the imperishable soulless gown.
Track Name: The Sphere
It is lurking in a repugnant corner of time.
His solid throne is rock-hewn, sublime
yet it is never where it is assumed.
When eyes fall inward, refulgence unfolds illumed.

It dissolves yet it is not forsaken,
not to be seen, yet it is still there unshaken.

It is staring into the core of the abyss.
Night after night when its countenance in bliss
plunges into moribund memories
it conjures the prophetic vision of introversive reveries.

Es verschwindet doch verloren ist es nicht,
man kann es nicht sehen, doch es ist noch da.

To the dormant pneuma paths open up
and with veridicality thereness they flood.

At the threshold ready yourself,
and ensouled respire into gloominess.
Lo and behold the passage in which time deliquesces.

He who erstwhile was, has never existed.
He who once had belongings, never possessed a thing.
Completeness is where once something was,
yet no more is.

Der einst einer war, hat niemals existiert
Der einst was hatte, hat niemals besessen
Vollkommenheit ist wo einst was war
aber nicht mehr ist.

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