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Germany’s Purgatory have released a new album, Necromantaeon, and it is easily one of my favorite new albums.

This is ballsy death metal that has that definitive German edge to it. I haven’t given the German death metal scene enough listening, but of what I can gather, there is a very interesting aspect about the vocal delivery that I just don’t know how to describe, but I’ve found it in a lot of the German bands that I’ve looked at, such as Fleshcrawl, Anasarca, and the like. Even with a very glossy, modern production, that edge is still there, and it makes this album quite fun to listen to.

This music just stomps right out of the gate and refuses to stop trampling upon your ears. Seriously, this is an excellently concise slab of death metal that understands how to get to the point and establish its presence. The riffs here are devilishly catchy, and in my opinion, the percussion really compliments the riffing style and the vocals well. Rhythmically, this is both brutal, catchy, and genuinely interesting, which is why it immediately caught my ear when I first heard it.

My favorite song here is the infectious ‘Glorification of the Lightbearer.’ That smooth-as-silk double bass work establishes the rhythm very well, with some very sexy riffs on top of it. That short solo near the two minute mark sets up the next vocal section incredibly well, and the next solo that follows is a great conclusion to that section of the song. Even with the melodic passages found in that section, the main motif of the song makes it incredibly fucking clear that this is a heavy-as-balls song. Color me impressed.

While I dig the entire album, one of my favorite parts is the vocals. Not only is the deep, German guttural sound executed perfectly, but the vocal trade off between the main vocalist and the guitarist is done very nicely, and their delieveries compliment each other very well. One has a very standard-fare, but well done set of death metal vocals, and the other has this menacingly deep guttural delivery that reveals itself most notably on ‘Downwards Into Unlight.’ Often times on the album, the vocalists harmonize, and since I’m a sucker for harmonized harsh vocals done well, of course I love this.

Overall, this is a great effort from Purgatory. While the modern sound will certainly be a bit of a turnoff to purists like me who actually like dynamic range and drums that don’t sound like plastic clicky things, the actual music itself will be damn satisfying to pretty much anyone who likes good death metal. This is ballsy, to-the-point music that has a perfectly concise running time (32 minutes) for optimal enjoyment. To put it simply, this album is bi-winning.

Written for


released February 4, 2011

Peter Wehner - Bass
Lutz Götzold - Drums
Dreier - Vocals
René Kögel - Guitars, Vocals

Recorded in September 2010 at "Rape of Harmonies Studios".
Co-engineered and co-produced by Patrick W. Engel and Purgatory.
Mixed and mastered at "Temple of Disharmony" in October/November 2010.
All music created by Purgatory.


all rights reserved




a division of Party.San GmbH
Schwanseestraße 20
99423 Weimar
Phone: +49 3643 4953012

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Track Name: Reaping The Diseased
Fear the gentle menacing sound of bells
That announces my arrival

As darkness rages on to devour the sun
For some of them forever this night

A myriad of craven whisperings
Speaking my name with the highest awe
Uac mithun ahn – lord of the abysmal ground – Mitnal

The hunters of the dark – a hound and the Moan bird
Summon a fatal omen
In skeleton disguise stalking among the homes of the diseased
Lying in wait to take them all down

Marked with the black circles of decay – I am the king of Xibalbá
And far away from Itzamná they will dwell in morbid gloom

Ah puch – demon of destruction – lord of the nine hells
Reaping the souls of the fading ill

Throw all your sacrifices
Down into the cenote – portal to dead worlds
The dominion is death – reaping the diseased

And I am the one – creeping in darkness
Reaching out for you

You shall die
You shall die…
Track Name: Where Darkness Reigns
Drown in the southernmost darkness
And the drone of its vile incantations
The mute spell of this ancient place
Is crawling upon your soul

Among the venomous veins of the forest
A congregation of shadowy figures
Like a vapor exhaled by the earth
Draped in the black of the land

Ancient and hideous
Cult of the morbid
Dragging the soul
Where darkness reigns

Devouring the flesh of their kind
To consume the soul with its blood
The sacrifice of their brethren
Soon completes the altar of skulls

Witchlike stalking, invoking a nightmare
The soil of this land shall give birth to a devil

Ancient and hideous
Cult of the morbid
Dragging the soul
Where darkness reigns
Track Name: Glorification Of The Lightbearer
I cannot live
I cannot die
My eyes are closed but I am not gone
Still waiting for the final salvation

At the final crossroads we decided for the left
To dwell in cold darkness
You have to fear
The return of the beast

Glorify his name
Bringer of infernal chaos
We lie in unrest to conquer this world
Human race is not worth to exist

I cannot feel
I cannot speak
My eyes are closed but I am still here
Longing for my kingdom

Bearer of Light
Storm into the final bloodshed
Lay back the soul of mankind
Deep into the filth of mother nature´s womb

Open the gateways to eternity
Take back what once was yours

Open the gateways to eternity
Take back what once was yours
Into a new age of chaos
We march
Track Name: Downwards Into Unlight
In the face of glorious declension
With eyes open for a last moment of presence
In the claws of holy entity

To perceive that your fallen empire

Was built upon lies
With a lord crowned with shit

As the abyss opens

To the fathomless catacombs in the depths
Where macabre creations dwell in rottenness

Risen from the womb of obscurity
To reveal the suffering in a life beyond
The cold unmerciful hand
That cuts your throat in the nightmares –
It was mine

The moaning, howling winds –
Whispering to you each night from the trees –
The stinking breath of the beast
On his mighty throne of flesh –
He calls you for suffering at your final judgement
All are welcome to wander around

For eternity in the halls of slime
As a feeble effigy of an abhorrent redeemer
Track Name: Scourging Blasphemies
Praise the infidel
The grim shadow
On your path to Golgotha
King of the hypocrites

We are the redeemers
Of your foolish empire
Marked with the unholy crafts
Of darkness and gloom

Scourging blasphemies
Scourging blasphemies

Angels’ feathers drenched in blood
Our blackened hordes storming
To defeat the insane
Hail to the infidel
At the altars of scorn

Call infernal darkness
In hatred reborn
Shun the light of the sun
Until the day we rise again
Hear the words of blasphemy
Glowing eyes are watching us

Raise a storm of war
Into declension and chaos
The stranglers of elysian slaves
They come to rule again

Scourging blasphemies
Scourging blasphemies
Track Name: Calling The Grand Destroyers
Enemy´s blood as the toll
To rouse the ones who bring the final healing
The past shall point the future
Through the dark rites at Acherousia
Call the ancient ones
To carry out the extinction of mankind

Calling the grand destroyers
Who unite harm and purity
Bringing destruction and death
To the scourges of light


Killing those who praise
The foolish redeemer


Let mankind descend upon itself
To taste the bitter savour of hell


Slayer of the remnants
Free the earth of human filth

Calling the grand destroyers
Bringers of holy ruin
United in eternal darkness
To praise the one who shall come through the spheres
Track Name: Necromantaeon
As the ancients call
The guardian of the gates
You lie in wait
Sleeping eternally
But never dead

Yog – Sothoth – lord of the spheres
Uniting all the forms of time
Let the one awake and
Reveal us the secrets
Of your son

In the final constellation of stars
Cthulhu shall rise
With the iron hand of war
The ancient king reborn

“That is not dead
which can eternal lie
and with strange Aeons
even Death may die”

- Necromantaeon -

In the final constellation of stars
Cthulhu shall rise
With the iron hand of war
The ancient king reborn

In eternal darkness
We all shall dwell
To the death of all life
Kneeling before his throne of flesh
We find our order in chaos

- Necromantaeon -
Track Name: The Collapse Of Tides
Everything I behold
Is enclosed by the veil of decay
Breathing one´s last
Never tasted the feeling of warmth and beauty

The sun extinguished long ago
In the cold demonic glow of the moon
Oceans drawing back a last time
To return with untamable might and anger
To drown everything in them

The collapse of tides
Fall of the living vermin
Kings and nations disintegrated
Under the banner of chaos

Mighty northern frost
Lay upon the wastelands
Drawing the last fires
At the borders of madness
You will find your well-deserved end

Everything I behold
Has been eroded by pestilence
Dead forevermore, of no significance
The great heritage of human foolishness
Crushed down by the collapse of tides

We lay ourselves to rest
Our souls consumed by darkness
Echoes of old prophecies
Slay the silence
And conjure the collapse of tides

Collapse of the tides
Collapse of the tides

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