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The Seagrave


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R'lyeh I 00:52
In metallic stars the Old Ones visit this earth from time to time And the Lore of the Elder Gods prevails not against this coming; for They walk not the earth in Their forbidden forms They visit the skies of the desert lands high places and desolate regions of the earth and strike fear into the heart of the lonely traveller and all who see Their signs Yet, no man shall divine Their dark purpose or behold Their countenances Visitations of the great old ones! for They travel with great swiftness upon the back of the very wind and tear the fabric of Time's web in Their fury. The Beast of Night shall foret
I call thee, O mighty names of the hours That ye may become one in this hour To watch my art be done in your name That ye shall grant this tool which I have fashioned Faces of the faceless Nyarlathotep I call thee, O spirits of the stars I call thee, O Old Spirits Wisdom of the stars, come come! I call thee, O mighty names of the hours The power that it is right to have For I have created it in the image of perfection And it will never be undone Faces of the faceless Nyarlathotep
And was not Man created from the blood of DAGON Commander of the hordes of the Old Ones? Does not man possess in his spirit The sees of rebellion against the Old Ones? And the blood of Man is the Blood of Vengeance And the blood of Man is the Spirit of Vengeance And the Power of Man is the Power of the Old Ones And this is the Covenant For, lo! The Old Ones possess the Sign By which the Powers of the Old Ones are turned back But Man possesses the Sign And the Number, and the Shape, to summon the Blood of his Parents And this is the Covenant Created by the Old Ones, from the Blood of the Old Ones Man is the Key by which The Gate of IAK SAKKAK may be flung wide By which the Old Ones Seek their blood of Vengeance
What hand harvests the soul at death? What dwells beneath the tomb after the spirit has departed? What locks the Gate, the serpent's eye? He who would possess the hidden power Must pay homage to Those of the Void And provide the sustenance of Their being Their mantle of flesh long destroyed In ages past They created Bodies of flesh walked the earth And did bred diverse forms of life For Their nourishment: creatures of Their design (Some yet continue upon earth) Shaped and coloured to serve Their needs Their mantle of flesh long destroyed When life has fled the corpse In the Void They dwell without a form; Yet Their desire for the essence of matter Remains and long unremembered lusts Burn with ravenous ferocity
May the Gods be ever merciful unto thee! May thou escape the jaws of the MASKIM And vanquish the power of the Old Ones! Day of Living Rising Sun Day of Plenty Gracious Sun Day of Perfect Grand Delight Day of Fortune Brilliant Night BEFORE THE OLD ONES RULE THE EARTH ONCE MORE! AND THE GODS GRANT THEE DEATH DEATH Seven Oldest, Wisest Ones! Seven Sacred, Learned Ones! Selah, nipper, out of space BEFORE THE OLD ONES RULE THE EARTH ONCE MORE! AND THE GODS GRANT THEE DEATH DEATH Be my Guardians, polished Swords Be my Watchful, patient Lords
Thou hast sought me continually for my destruction Thou hast continually plotted an evil thing against me Thou hast taken the road Thou hast come after me Thou hast gone forth and followed my steps But I, by the command of the Queen SHUB NIGGURATH Thou hast encompassed me, hou hast sought me out Am clothed in terror Am armed in fiercesomeness Am arrayed with might and the Sword Am clothed in terror I cause thy name to be known among men I cause thy house to be seen amoung men I cause thy spells to be heard amoung men I cause thy evil perfumes to be smelt amoung men
Away! Away! I command all wandering spirits To depart in peace I command ye, now Depart or face my wrath I am he who howls the forgotten names I am he who shall bring forth the spirit! Turn and face me, for I hold the Sign! O Thou that dwelleth in the darkness of the Outer Void Come forth unto the Earth once more I entreat thee O Thou who abideth beyond the Spheres of Time Hear my supplication O Thou who art the Gate and the KEY Thy servant calleth Thee Now depart with haste!
R'lyeh II 00:41
Know ye that He has slept death's dream for ages unnumbered; He who has slumbered long before the birth of Mankind He who is dead yet waits dreaming: IT SHALL RISE and His time draws near The worm shall not corrupt the corrupted; time is naught to His continuation; aeons shall not lay waste that which is not of earth's flesh In R'Lyeh He dwells bound in timeless sleep by Those who would hold back the dark Outer Hells and stem the fate of Man Yet the darkness prevails Destiny of Man is sealed and graven The stars shall mark, the time of His coming and when the spheres intersect: HE SHALL RISE
R'lyeh III 01:01


The second full-length of spains DEATH METAL BAND #1 GRAVEYARD brings old school death metal without compromises.
recommended for fans of AUTOPSY, old DEATH and of course scandinavian bands like ENTOMBED, NIHILIST, DISMEMBER...


released March 15, 2013

All music by Graveyard.
All lyrics by The Mad Arab, edited and arranged by Julkarn.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by J. Bastard at the Moontower Studio, autumn 2012.
Produced by Graveyard.


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